- Make Babushka Proud – Manuel Bustamante

Make Babushka Proud

Game developed in less than 48 for the annual Global Game Jam 2017.

I went there alone, and was lucky enough to find one skilled coder, 2 musicians and a bunch of guys from the highscool with less experience but very motivated and willingly to do their best. I was the only artist in the team, so i was also my own art director.

I went for a very “peculiar” subject: you control a balkan-ska band in eastern Europe. Your band is stagediving the crowd aboard of a door (with a flag) and you have to make sure they avoid the obstacles, like radiators, pigs, sheeps…. and collect the beer of course.
I had a very short amount of time to do all the in-game assets, so i went for pixel art, even thou it was the first time for me doing it.
Once the art was finished, i helped to do some debugging, and making the trailer (yes, i actually finished everything in advance without doing drugs).

We won the trash award! witch is a simbolic prize given to a project “particularly original”.
I couldn’t expect a better outcome for my very first Game Jam.