El gringo

I was 18 when i drew my first panel.

I remember i was at school doodling and it came out from nowhere. One thing led to another and a couple of years later i had 200 pages of storyboard.
I did not had the chance to attend art schools, so this project has been a training ground for my career.
As you can imagine i had to produce an insane amount of concepts, from scenarios to characters. Above all I learnt what really means to develop an idea and plan the execution.

The success
It was a late hour in the night when me and Lara Gianotti (the person who helped me on this project) decided to publish the first digital version of the prologue.
I made a quick and simple website and put the pages on it.
2 hours later i had 2000 visitors and 6 hours later a publisher called me.
The first chapter of El Gringo Loco was published on YANG, a volume that contains the best italians webcomicsI also had the honour to illustrate the cover of it.

Here you can see some concepts and sketches.

If you want to read the full thing you can do it here: http://www.manuelbustamante.it/gringo/

Maybe i forgot to mention that the full thing will be animated?